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Custom Audios

Want to hear me talk just to you?  Your loving, sweet and positive girlfriend?

I'd love to do one for you - here are the rules and ordering form:

  • £3.50 per audio minute

  • 5 Minute Minimum Audio Length

  • Short scenario descriptions only - no in depth scenarios 

  • Deposit of £10 required to hold your spot (only refundable if I cancel the order)

  • Turn around times are up to 3 weeks

  • I refuse the right to turn down any request

  • I will not haggle with you on price

When you are ready to fill in the form below, please ensure you have sent he Deposit first to paypal: (It will show as PA or Audio Services) - Please DO NOT send more than the deposit amount - full payment will not fasten your order, and the excess will be refunded to you - remaining balance of payment is to be made when the audio is ready to hand over. 

Form may take a moment to load below if it hasn't already**

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